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Copen Grand is the first executive condominium with triangular piece of land that covers 22.020 square meters

Jun 24

Copen Grand is the first executive condominium project in the brand new township of The Forest Tengah Garden District. The development is located within The Garden Walk Tengah in District 24. The almost triangular parcel of land covers 22.020 square metres. The floor area is 61.659 square meters. The site that Copen Grand EC sits was highly contested as when the tender was due to close at the end of May in 2021. The bidder with the highest bid was Taurus Properties (SG) Pte. Ltd. in a joint venture with CDL MCL and CDL, MCL won the tender in the amount of $400.32 Million. This amounts to $603 for each square metres of the land (psf which is also known as the ppr ).

Copen Grand 2nd phase is anticipated to cost from $1,190 to $1.250 per square foot due to its nearness to Jurong Innovation District Jurong Innovation District and the brand-new MRT stations located in the area. Copen Grand EC was developed by developers CDL and MCL is expected to developer approximately 620 homes which will feature stunning landscaping that will be part of the precinct area.

Copen Grand EC is expected to comprise 12 towers, which are spread across 14 floors. The towers will include 3 to 5 bedrooms that will be able to meet the majority families' needs. There are a lot of amenities within the vicinity of which are accessible via Copen Grand EC in the near future. Residents will be able access to the polyclinic, as along with bus interchanges, the community center and sports center in addition to other. The district is brand new that is located 2 km of Shuqun Primary School, which is the sole school in the region, as well as Princess Elizabeth Elementary School. Twelve acres of land are set aside for educational purposes , and also to provide assistance to the people who reside in the area.

One of the very first executive condos among the five currently under development within The Tengah Garden District, Copen Grand is surely among the projects that buyers would be looking to purchase.

Copen Grand EC development of the township will include a variety of green amenities, such as condos with a low-rise design and intelligent. Sustainable design, intelligent construction, as well as the most advanced technology are vital to the growth. The project will assist in tackling the issue of pollution from the air as well as the absence of open space and open spaces in Singapore. In addition, the growth within the zone will offer residents convenient access point to CBD and other areas.

With the rapid growth of population in Singapore, Copen Grand EC is located close to the main hub for medical and sports. Due to its central location within the vicinity of Tengah MRT station, which is scheduled to open in the near future.. This new development is located just 5 minutes walk to it. MRT station. In addition, it is connected to the whole town by public transport and other modern amenities. If you're in search of an apartment within Singapore, Copen Grand EC is the best option. The EC is huge and fully equipped. It also offers facilities like the mini concert hall and an Chinese Language School, and many others.

The town's masterplan that is being planned to be constructed near Copen Grand EC could include large facilities, and also an active community center. The town's center will be connected to three MRT stations on the proposed Jurong Region Line, and the town will offer numerous restaurants and shopping options. Copen Grand EC will also have town centers and an area that has been made for community-based and sports activities. Additionally, there will be the most up-to-date models of HDB neighbourhood centers, specially created to meet the needs of the inhabitants.

It was developed with eco-friendly techniques. Copen Grand EC is the first of its kind in Singapore. It is located in the dense urban jungle . The new development will be a blend of natural and modern. It will also create a healthy and clean environment which is healthy for workers. Copen Grand EC will fulfill the demands of the young. It will cover about 3 quarters in Punggol.

The development site comprises a land area of 22,020 square metres and a gross floor area of 61,659 square meters. The EC project includes the equivalent of 620 apartments spread across 12 blocks. It can rise up to 14 stories. The development is located in the District of Tengah. Garden District of Tengah One of the five districts that were created in Tengah Estate. Tengah Estate. Tengah Estate. It is home to three MRT stations that are all walking distance from the whole area. It also has the option of having a town center which is car-free.

The hotel is close to several expressways including those which are included in the Pan Island Expressway, Bukit Timah Expressway and Bukit Timah Expressway and Kranji. Kranji, Copen Grand EC is ideal for those who are looking to travel swiftly. They reduce the time of traffic congestion and offer constant connectivity. The hotel construction site is located inside various malls. One of them is known as West Gate Mall. West Gate mall, which is expected to contain 400 shops. It is in which you will find many food and retail options.