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Top considerations for commercial photoshoot planning

Oct 8

A Commercial Photographer is someone interested in photography for the commercial world. This involves photographing products or services to help a company sell them. It can also include portraits of people who work for the company to help put a face to the name. There are many different types of commercial photography, but whatever type it is, the photographer needs to be able to understand the business they're working with.


How will the picture be put to use?


It may seem like a straightforward inquiry, but it is crucial to understand how the images will be utilised before moving further. The requirements for an image used on social media will differ from those for an image used in print. Size, crop, and composition should all be taken into account. For example, it's not ideal when your image looks excellent in the landscape but is heavily cropped when utilised as a portrait.

The Brief


Although it may seem a little obvious, it is crucial to consider if the photographs are viewed as a cohesive collection that meets the client's needs.


A successful picture shoot depends on having a solid brief,


Understanding the brand is crucial; the more you learn, the more focused the picture shoot will be. Even if the image is of a fairly straightforward product, it still needs to match other photography in terms of style and composition. For instance, it can be photographed from the same perspective and angle or on a background that matches other images on the website or in the catalogue.

The Funding


Although not all clients will share their budget, it is helpful if they do because the amount of money available will frequently influence the type of photography that can be done. There are many ways to photograph something, some relatively inexpensively and some with all the bells and whistles, as is frequently the case. Rarely is the budget too low to complete anything decent, according to the brief, in which case the task is typically declined or delayed until the budget is increased. The client frequently returns with a stronger notion of what they want and a greater understanding of the costs involved, so this can work well.

The Estimate


I always include all relevant information about the shoot, including potential fees and a thorough explanation of the license for image use, in my estimates. Before any work is done, it is far better to be completely honest about use and expenses; your client will value this, demonstrating your expertise.

The Location


Where will the picture session be held—in a studio, on the client's property, or at a venue that has been rented? Owning my studio is a tremendous asset because it is a lovely room with a high ceiling and all the lighting, backgrounds, and other miscellaneous items readily available needed for a successful photography shoot.

Composition and lighting


A photo can be used in various ways, some of which call for a square crop, others a vertical alignment, and others a horizontal one. Then there is the issue of copy, which needs to be considered. If there will be any type over the image region, then space should be left in the composition. Lighting is another significant consideration because it will impact the overall feel of the images.

The Client's Needs


As a commercial photographer, you are working for the client, and they are the ones who will be utilizing the images. Therefore, it is essential to find out what their wants and needs are so that you can supply them with precisely what they are looking for.

The Schedule


Working with a schedule is crucial, especially if other people are involved in the shoot, such as models, hair and makeup artists, stylists, etc. Therefore, it is essential to be organized and have a plan so that everything runs smoothly and according to schedule.

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