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How Can you Save Money on Cremation

Sep 25

As a funeral home professional, I often hear from families who are trying to save money when planning their cremation. Cremation is not cheap, so it is important for families to consider the cost of embalming and the embalming procedure before they pay the full amount for a cremation. If you are wondering how much cremation costs, you may be surprised. In fact, the cost can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.


There are several different ways to reduce the cost of your loved one's cremation services. Most, if not all, offer different options, discounts, or financing options to make the service less expensive. For example, some offer direct cremation, where the crematory sends the ashes directly to the family memorial area. Direct cremation is often less expensive than traditional funeral services, such as a viewing, memorial service, and burial. Direct cremation also allows the family to control the process, including choosing the style of the cremation, what type of container to use, and where the ashes will be placed.


Other ways to reduce the cremation cost are by working with a funeral home provider to create a price list. This price list can help you find a cremation provider with the least amount of expense. It will allow you to compare prices from multiple providers. This can help you select a provider with the least expensive price list possible.


A second way to reduce the cremation cost is to create a less expensive memorial container for the body. This includes using a plastic burial container instead of a wooden one. Using a cedar or redwood container reduces the weight and size of the cremains. Also, using a non-traditional funeral container can help reduce the cost, such as using a small urn instead of a large urn. Non-traditional burial containers, such as those made from wood or stone, are less expensive than traditional burial containers. These options help you to create less expensive memorials.


Another way to reduce the cost of a cremation is to contact the funeral home ahead of time and ask about discounts. Most funeral homes offer discounts if you have a prepaid funeral account, and also discounts if you ask about discounts when selecting your cremation provider. You may also qualify for a discount if you choose a direct cremation instead of a traditional funeral. If you select this option, you may still need to buy the casket from the funeral home.


Yet another way to save money on a cremation service is to pay for the service yourself. This includes embalming, the cost of the funeral service, and postage for the funeral service card and obituary. If you are able to do most or all of these things yourself, you can certainly cut down costs significantly. For example, you could pay for the service using a credit card that has an inactivity fee or if you pay for everything in cash.


Many families opt to create a funeral webcast so family and friends can view the funeral. This is especially helpful if your loved one enjoyed watching television programs, especially in the evening before they went to sleep. Some choose to create a video of their loved one in action while they were alive, and to share this with family and friends later on through the webcast. There are many ways to cut down costs when it comes to organizing a memorial for a loved one, but creating a webcast may be one of the easiest and most affordable ways to save money on the service.


In conclusion, you can find many ways to cut funeral costs when you're trying to save money. One way is to consider selling items at the service such as cremation urns or a casket. You might also consider buying from a direct funeral home rather than purchasing from a discount broker or from a wholesaler. The other way is to plan ahead so you know how much everything will cost before you order anything. In addition, you might try to work with funeral homes that offer pre-paying for services so you won't have to worry about paying for funeral costs out of pocket.


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