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How do you Fix a Long Crack in a Windshield?

Nov 2

A long crack in a windshield can be extremely dangerous. When the glass breaks, the pieces are sharp and jagged which poses a threat to any automobile driver. In order to fix this type of damage, you need a new windshield because the cracks may continue to grow over time. Here's how you can replace a windshield:

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Step 1: Purchase a replacement windshield

Your first step is to purchase a replacement windshield from your local auto shop or dealership. If you have reception, they should be able to get it ordered for you right away. Make sure that you bring your vehicle in so that they can make the necessary measurements before the glass comes in. This will ensure that there are no installation problems once it arrives at your lot or residence.

Step 2: Prepare your tools and workspace

You will need to gather the following items in order to replace a windshield: safety goggles, gloves, and a nozzle for the spray bottle. You'll also require an ice pick or screwdriver, a ruler (for measuring), and some tape (if you can't purchase new moldings). Make sure that you have enough space for your replacement as well - because you will not be able to drive the car until this is completed.

Step 3: Remove scraps from around crack

Using an ice pick or screwdriver, remove any excess material from around the crack so that it's easier to work with later on. If there are any stickers applied to the glass or paint that can be scratched, remove them as well.


Step 4: Spray the crack with glass cleaner

Using a spray bottle filled with windshield wiper fluid or glass cleaner, coat the crack in order to make it easier to remove the pieces of glass later on. This will help reduce any build-up which may occur during this process.

Step 5: Insert the tool into crack and twist

Using the nozzle for your spray bottle, insert it into one end of the crack and spray again. Then use an ice pick or screwdriver to widen up that end by twisting back and forth. Repeat this same technique at each end of the crack until you are able to insert your entire hand through it - making that you're wearing your gloves.

Step 6: Remove as much glass as possible

Using your gloved hand, remove any loose pieces of glass from the crack and discard them. Be very careful not to cut yourself on any remaining shards that may be inside the glass. Using a screwdriver or a tiny ice pick can also help you pull out smaller pieces that are still remaining in there or places that you cannot reach with your hands. There might be some excess adhesive inside the windshield; using water and a wet rag should make it easier to clean off later on without leaving residue behind (which could affect your vision).

Step 7: Measure the length and width

Take measurements of both the length and width of your replacement windshield before removing it from its cardboard packaging. Make sure that you have the measurements correct because your new piece of glass needs to fit in well with your original molding, otherwise it can make installation difficult.

Step 8: Apply the adhesive to the windshield

Using a wet rag, apply some adhesive to both sides of your replacement windshield - make sure you use enough so that it's tacky but not dripping. Then place it inside your vehicle and press down firmly on all four corners and along any seams and edges until it is properly installed. If any air bubbles appear under the glass, simply pop them using a small pin or safety pin before applying more adhesive and installing again. The last step is to allow ample time for the adhesive to dry - which could take up to 48 hours.

Step 9: Install new molding

After you have allowed more than 48 hours for your adhesive to dry, it's time to reinstall the molding that was removed earlier. Using a screwdriver or ice pick can help pry off any excess adhesive that may have stuck to your molding during this process. If there are any air bubbles present on the glass after you've installed them, simply pop them using a pin and press down firmly on it until no air is able to remain underneath anymore. You might notice some glue on the windshield itself; use alcohol or glass cleaner in order to remove these marks before driving your car again.

It can be difficult to learn how to fix a crack or chip in your car's windshield without professional help, but there are some simple things you can do yourself in order to get the job done. Learning how to fix a long crack in a windshield can save you both time and money when it comes to hiring someone else  to complete this task for you.

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