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Pre Pay For a Cremation - Advantages of Doing So

Sep 23


Pre-pay for a cremation is an alternative option to a traditional funeral. Although it is convenient for the family to do things such as pay the cost of the casket, cremation services and even have the ceremony officiant deliver the eulogy, pre-payments can be beneficial to the surviving family members. They offer a way to help make funeral arrangements without incurring additional costs.


When planning a funeral for a loved one, pre-payments are a wonderful way to ease the stress of the last few months leading up to the funeral. It gives loved ones more time to prepare for the death, including creating a funeral service. Many people want to plan ahead for their own funeral but there may be financial obligations that prevent them from doing so. Others may not be able to plan ahead and leave everything up to the funeral home or church to handle.


In these cases, pre-payments are a wonderful alternative to a traditional burial. Pre-payments differ from a standard burial because the payment is done well in advance of the actual cremation services. A family can have the cremation services taken care of, the funeral arrangement details taken care of, and even have the final arrangements made for them. The family can be relaxed knowing that they have taken care of all of their financial details before the actual cremation took place.


If a family is looking to make sure they will be covered for expenses following the cremation of their loved one, they should take a look at their direct cremation insurance policy. Direct cremation insurance policies are typically less expensive than traditional burial insurance policies because direct cremation providers reimburse the family for the cremation services. The provider will pay for the cremation services out of pocket, giving the family peace of mind that they will not be left owing thousands of dollars following the cremation of their loved one. Many people who select this type of policy choose to make the entire funeral arrangement themselves, saving a great deal of money that would go into advertising and paying for the funeral service.


By paying for the pre-payments ahead of time, families will also be able to budget the cremation services for their budget. If a family finds themselves strapped for cash when the time comes to pay for the cremation services, they can always ask friends and relatives to help in covering some of the costs. It is also possible to find a good amount of savings by pre-paying for the cremation services yourself and keeping cash at home to cover the final expenses.


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There are some religious organizations that allow cremation in the cemetery... read more about these here. Cremation is certainly becoming very popular amongst those who do not wish to cremate their loved one in a mausoleum or sub-floor of the funeral home. Families have the choice of a traditional funeral or a more eco-friendly alternative... read more about this here.


Most funeral homes accept the cremation process but it is always a good idea to double check. Some will only take pre-orders for cremation. Also, be aware that some cremation companies may charge you extra for the removal and storage of the cremains. It's also a good idea to contact funeral homes ahead of time if you are interested in a specific type of cremation unit. Knowing all these details ahead of time will help save you time and make the whole cremation process easier.


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