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Wholesaler vs. Retailer When it Comes to Buying Diamond Jewelry

Nov 9

Congratulations! Congratulations! Now what? Now you need to choose the kind of engagement ring and diamond that you want. Talk to your friends, but don't let them openly discuss the proposal. Your friend claims that they have "a guy" (everyone seems to have "a guy"). He often refers to What is a wholesaler's role in diamonds?

Diamond Wholesaler

Wholesalers of diamonds buy large quantities of diamonds to sell to brick-and-mortar stores and online businesses. Because they purchase large quantities of diamonds in bulk, they can often negotiate great prices.

Wholesalers of diamonds have access to the Rapaport Diamond Report. This is a pricing report. The standard pricing guide for wholesalers is a matrix that includes prices for different shapes, colors, clarity, and carats (up to 6 carats). If the wholesaler is reliable, they will provide you with Rapaport Diamond Report prices. This price is 10% lower than Rapaport Rap10's prices. Keep in mind that Rapaport prices are an average of all industry prices. Prices aren’t set in stone.

You will find between 4-8 loose diamonds depending on the wholesaler you choose. The wholesaler will give you a magnifying glass (10x) to help you inspect the diamonds for any flaws or imperfections. Next, place your stone in the setting. If the wholesaler is skilled, they might be able to make a custom-made setting and place the central stone inside the ring. You will receive a new engagement ring.

Retail Diamond Store

Retail diamond stores are brick-and-mortar shops that sell diamond earrings and engagement rings. The item can be purchased immediately and delivered straight to your door. However, it will still cost 25-40% more than buying it wholesale or online.

Online shopping is now possible for most retail diamond shops. There are many online shops that sell diamonds, so it's not surprising that you can shop for them.

The Benefits of Wholesale Jewelers Diamonds

These benefits are only a few of many of wholesale loose diamonds' advantages.

1. Wholesale diamonds can be inspected to confirm their quality.

2. Less expensive loose diamonds are available. Because you can customize loose diamonds, they are less expensive. This can save you as much as 10% to 15%. Mounted diamonds and traditional rings are not options. There are two choices: You can either look for a new ring or increase your budget.

3. You can shop for loose diamonds together and explore the different designs.

4. Diamonds are a good investment. Mounted diamonds have a lower value than loose diamonds. Mounted diamonds can have a rich history that can be sold to increase their collectible value. Wholesale diamonds can still be valuable. Buy a bulk set and put the best in your wedding band. Then, invest the rest.